We Are World Thirst

We Are World Thirst
May 23, 2015 worldthirst

In the beginning…

Up until just several months ago, World Thirst was merely an idea floating around in the mind of a handful of individuals.  The model of taking proven water technologies and We Are World Thirst 1x1 v2offering them to a world in need, on a platform which is sustainable and stimulates local economies; this was born out of observing the many ways – both good and not so good – with which organizations currently in the water and micro-finance space were operating.  It was observed that there was a growing need for life’s most basic resource – safe water – as well as a growing understanding that the creation of jobs is the best way to lift a community out of poverty.  There’s yet to be an organization doing this exclusively.

A community of passionate individuals who’s focus is on the combination of these two things, this is who we are.

This is what we believe:

  • We believe everyone deserves access to life’s most sacred resource.
  • We believe that in the soil of job creation, dignity, healthy pride, and community development are allowed to blossom and flourish.
  • We believe in investing in individuals, not simply offering charity which lacks ownership.
  • We believe that through fostering relationship with one another, we can help bridge humanities broadening gap and create a lens of contrast through which new levels of gratefulness can be felt.
  • We believe in living water as the source of our passion, and are driven by it’s sharing with others.

In a world driven by economies and the flow of money, we are committed to building out the model in favor of all parties involved, not the least of which are those investing in these businesses.  By constructing our process in a way which will offer “social bonds” to individuals interested in having part in the start of water business, we will be able to offer – within reasonable terms – a nominal interest on their loan, returning between 3-5% annually.  The risk of each project mitigated by the opportunity that – should the worst case scenario be realized – the balance on the loan can be transferred to a charitable contribution, a tax receipt offered to our now “donor”.

While the model is still very young, and our pilot projects are still yet to begin, we have high confidence in the direction and by whom we’re being led, right now being patient with the process and learning through the bouncing around where this model might yet settle.

With great anticipation of our future, we welcome any who feel pulled towards our mission to come alongside us in this work.  Everyone… everyone… has something to offer.  If nothing else, journey along with us and be encouraged by the work of our hands, experience from a distance the joy of the “have nots”, feel their hope and see what they see beyond the fractures of this broken world.  We have much to learn… all of us:)

From the core of who we are – thank you!


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